3 Ways to Triple Play

It’s a Triple Play when one chair can achieve three levels of use comfortably.  Indiana Furniture’s Triple Play Seating lets people choose how and where they want to work in a mixed height space, with the ability to join any group, at any height table in the room.  Available exclusively in our Upstate NY, DE, and sections of both PA and NJ – Triple Play can multi-task from lounge height to sitting height, and all the way up to counter height.  See below for our 3 Ways to Triple Play:

1.  Counter Height – at 26″ high, the perfect pairing would be with 36″ – 42″ high tables – an ideal area for impromptu meetings and conversations. 


2.  Desk/Dining Height – at 18″ high, tables or desks at 29″ – 30″ would be the perfect combination for longer conversations and brainstorming.  


3.  Lounge Height – the lowest curve sits at 15″ an 18″ high table would compliment the ultimate lounge opportunity for casual conversations. 


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