Agile Areas: Creating 3rd Space in Business

Creating fluid spaces to encourage interaction in any business environment are key.  Open concept offices are now being balanced by private nooks, and the overriding theme remains clear: Options are Optimal.  Designating areas that are separate within an office setting are crucial for providing opportunities for collaborative efforts, or for a private change of scenery.  The physical benefits including encouraging employees to move around while working (incorporating active design and workplace wellness theory), complimenting the intellectual benefits of the exchange of ideas and collaborative creative opportunities that may otherwise not occur.  As mentioned in Understanding Active Design: The Rise of Human Sustainability,

Furthermore, collaborative spaces give employees the ability to work in teams, which along with mobile technology allows them the freedom to choose where and how they work best. This freedom further supports wellness in the form of greater worker satisfaction and reduced workplace stress, providing yet another example of Active Design opportunities that are emerging by way of collaborative workspace design trends.”

Supporting this forward thinking design trend, below are our Top 10 Picks for creating your own business 3rd space:

1.  Sway Lounge Seating

With intuitive active comfort, simply sit back to relax, lean forward to focus, or sway to the side to share.

Sway is also a great addition to corporate business environments in breakout lounge areas, regenerative spaces, and ‘third space’ casual work areas.


2.  Touchdown Spaces

Need a quick getaway?  Contact us today to design the perfect private solution with KI architectural walls for a swift rendezvous to concentrate.  Paired well with any KI Sit/Stand solution, these touchdown spaces can help any business maximize the square footage of its space.


3.  Hub Modular Seating

 Hub can be ganged together to create modular layouts, or be used as stand-alone pieces, all while incorporating power and data capabilities – perfect for making sure your devices stay as charged up as your conversation.  Optional privacy screens can add a sense of seclusion.


4.  MyWay Tablet Arm Chair

Designed with technology in mind, MyWay Tablet Arm provides a surface for electronic devices, books and notepads while supporting interaction between employees.  Sit however you prefer, so you can text, check email, chat, or charge your device comfortably.


5.  Connection Zone Privacy Booth

The Connection Zone Privacy Booth has a swivel base, giving you 360° access and mobility to engage with others for a quick meeting or casual conversation.


6.  Backbone Media Platform

With a diverse range of portable media devices being used in businesses, there is an increasing demand for media sharing and technology integration within furniture solutions. Backbone® is designed to respond to this growing demand as a media-sharing platform that supports technology, optimizes collaboration, and enhances flexibility.


7.  Tenjam Seating

Tenjam products are often found in the building atrium and corridors, collaboration areas, conference rooms, break rooms, and more.  Specializing in custom designs, Tenjam also has the ability to turn most company logos or name into seating, helping to convey a strong company brand.



8.  T1V Interactive Walls & Tables

T1V interactive touchscreen technology transforms traditional office settings into collaborative work environments that boost productivity and creativity amongst teams.  Teams can connect, share, and learn using an intuitive, multitouch user interface. Meetings become more efficient, information is highly accessible, and presentations are engaging.




9.  Indiana Furniture Parsons Table

Available exclusively in our Upstate NY, Central PA, Southeastern PA, Delaware, and South/Central NJ territories, Indiana Furniture’s Parsons tables have an optional slot down the center to create passive cord storage and a location for power and USB charging.  These create casual alcoves and chance meetings for those who don’t wish to be tied down to their workstations the entire day.


10.  Indiana Furniture Isla Lounge

Open spaces really come together with the modular, ganging components from Isla Lounge Collection. Create conversation settings or private areas by mixing components to fit the space and needs of the environment.  Power and data options keep everyone working on-the-go.


Want to create your own business 3rd space?  Contact us today to discover how!