Never Simply “Sitting Pretty”

Good design is no longer for a select few.  The Blu Sky Collection from KI offers a wide array of beautiful pieces perfect for a variety of applications.  In particular, emerging and engaging common areas, or “Third Spaces,” are growing in popularity, demanding teamwork and the exchange of ideas.  These lounge areas can be complimented with more residential style furniture – perfectly conducive for easy collaboration. However, beyond utilitarian qualities, furniture serves a greater purpose. 

As mentioned within Impact of contour on aesthetic judgments and approach-avoidance decisions in architecture, “Given our increasing propensity to spend time indoors, our results suggest that a systematic evaluation of how the physical features of built environments affect human behavior, emotion, and brain function.”   Another study mentioned below also goes on to express, “Curvilinear forms can evoke feelings of warmth and protectiveness in individuals.  Curved shapes of internal spaces invoke feelings ofjoy, harmony, and well-being.”

Design Evoking Emotion – The Blu Sky Collection

“It’s beyond a product just working well; it’s about a product that evokes an emotional response.” (Shawn Green, VP of Design and Product Marketing for KI.)  The subtlety in furniture design can be found exemplified in the curvilinear shapes of many pieces in the Blu Sky collection – bringing a sophisticated psychological dimension of pleasure to any lounge space.

As mentioned in Furniture Forms and their Influence on Our Emotional Responses Toward Interior Environments:  “Evoking emotions through design provides rich interactions, and it influences satisfaction with the artifacts we use in our daily lives.  Artifacts – whether designed settings or products – can appeal to human emotions through their usability, social or cultural context, semantics, and affordability.  They can also appeal to people through their visual appearances such as with their color, form, complexity, texture, and size.”

Physical furnishings along with architectural elements of spaces can actually elicit emotional responses during our experience of them.  The above Impact of Contour study also explains, “Coupled with a burgeoning literature on neuroaesthetics – the field devoted to the study of neural systems that underlie aesthetic judgments and preference formations – there exists the tantalizing possibility that our intuitions about how we feel and act in built environments can be linked to systematic variations in physical features of those environments.” 

What Design Lies Beyond the Horizon?

KI’s Blu Sky Collection addresses real world applications while remaining aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and inspiring.  KI searched the world over to assemble a portfolio of visually compelling products designed to challenge traditional preconceptions and ideas about furniture, yet address real-life applications. These are creative, dynamic, intuitive products with unique stories and bold uses of materials. Developed by leading brands and visionary designers across the globe in exclusive partnership with KI, these inspired solutions are designed to reshape the way you see environments – giving us a glimpse into what lies just beyond the design horizon.  To explore the Blu Sky collection, view the video below: