Private Space is Sacred Space

As an open office plan continues to dominate design trends, the demand for private meeting space has conversely risen, creating competition for reserving private conference rooms and staking out group meeting areas.

“Time spent in meetings has been rising by 8% to 10% annually since 2000, and is likely to continue increasing, says Michael Mankins, a partner in San Francisco with the management-consulting firm Bain & Co. Senior executives are spending an average 28 hours in meetings each week, and middle managers spend 21 hours, says Mr. Mankins, lead author of a recent 17-company time-management study with analytics provider VoloMetrix” (Wall Street Journal: Who Gets the Conference Room?).

Separate spaces designated for small groups are becoming premium real estate in an office footprint, and furniture that supports precious moments while collaborating is extremely important.  Indiana Furniture’s new One10 Conference Collection offers a variety of tables with power capabilities designed to maximize valuable time spent while meeting privately – either in conference rooms or private nooks specific to quiet conversation.

As mentioned on Indiana Furniture’s website, “One10 Conference provides a scalable aesthetic with a versatile range of tables that provide solutions for casual to formal meetings that can support individual technology, the sharing of personal technology, or communal technology equipment. From conference tables, meeting tables, TV stands, and Parsons Tables, the collection provides flexibility for tailored applications, virtually anywhere. The clean, contemporary look is enhanced by the straight-grain color palette of wood veneers and textured laminate accents” (Read More).  Available exclusively in our Upstate NY, PA, Southern NJ, and DE territories, below are our top 5 reasons to check out Indiana Furniture’s One10 Conference Collection:

1.  Conference Tables are of one-piece, fourpiece, or five-piece tops,  and available in 48″ and 60″ widths, and lengths of 96″ up to 192″.  All sizes are available in classic rectangular, boat-shape, or tapered view shape, complimenting a variety of space designs.

2.  Meeting Tables have a central column and low profile base design to allow for unfettered use around all sides of the table without table legs getting in the way of chairs or users’ knees. The column is available for seated or standing height tables and features a removable panel to route cords.

3.  Parsons Tables are offered in both 42″ and 30″ heights and span up to 120″. Specify a classic one piece top or as a contemporary two-piece top with an optional slot down the center for passive cord storage with power and USB charging.

4.  Integrated Technology – meeting tables can be used in a variety of combinations with Media Credenzas and TV Stands, and each style of conference tables offers passive cord management options for power and USB charging, keeping all of your meetings charged up.

5.  Design Options – A wide array of Veneer Options and Laminate Accents offer endless design capabilities.

Click Here for the One10 Conference Collection Brochure and Contact us today for more information!