The Pursuit of Happiness…and Productivity

Top 2 Trends in Workplace Design

The path leading us towards the workplace of the future is well underway, and design considerations to help promote employee health, happiness, and productivity are all becoming intertwined as necessary elements of space planning. Below are the Top 2 Trends in Workplace Design, and specific solutions which address these growing challenges as mentioned in Healthy Workplace Design Spurs Productivity:

1. Not All Spaces Are Created Equal

“Some need quiet space and the ability to focus. This may necessitate the design of such quiet rooms or ‘one-on-one’ rooms where private conversations can be held in an otherwise open-space design.”

If it’s 6-sided – it can be divided. KI’s movable wall options, Genius and Lightline, provide unlimited possibilities for creating quiet spaces in a growing collaborative world.


“Not all employee space needs are created equal. Some work teams may wish to cluster in open “pods” with limited private space and communal desks or tables and lots of open space for easy conversing with teammates.”

KI has a variety of refreshing options to create hotspots of creativity and collaboration, such as Hub Modular Seating and Backbone Media Platform:

 Additionally, T1 Visions inTouch Interactive Wall offers the perfect sophisticated dimension to compliment any desire for instantaneous sharing of ideas.


2. Wellness Explosion

“Perhaps the most dominant trend in workplace design of late is the explosion in the demand for workspace that promotes wellness.  ‘Ergonomics, wellness and an emphasis on being less sedentary at work is driving new workplace design concepts in order for employees to do their best,’ said Blumenfeld.”

KI takes health and wellness very serious in the workplace. Below are just a few of the products that are conducive to employee well-being: 

  • Movable Walls that bring in natural light to any workspace with a slew of known health benefits.
  • The Grazie Collection which takes ergonomics to the next level with it’s perfect pivot for back support.
  • The importance of having the option to stand while working with KI’s 3 Adjustable Desking Options(click on the video below to discover more!):