NeoCon 2017 Highlights

Did you attend NeoCon 2017?  Below are some highlights from our favorite showrooms!

1.  KI Furniture

Congratulations to KI Furniture for winning NeoCon Gold for Ruckus Seating and Universal Height-Adjustable Screens!  See some of our favorite moments below from KI's Instagram:


2.  Pallas Textiles

Congratulations to Pallas Textiles winning NeoCon Gold for the NEW Loft Collection debuting this month!  See photo gallery below from their Instagram:

3.  Indiana Furniture

Indiana Furniture showcased some beautiful designs, including Canvas Collection additions.  See Canvas photo below along with a beautiful Joy Task Swivel Chair:

4.  Green Furniture Concept

Green Furniture Concept showcased some amazing seamless seating and leaf lamp lighting:

5.  Takeform

Congrats to Takeform Architectural Signage for winning NeoCon Silver for their Applaud Collection:


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