Seamless Seating Compliments Healthcare Spaces

Waiting areas in healthcare and healing spaces have a unique opportunity to assist patients the moment they enter the room.  A welcoming vibe, easy wayfinding, and comfort while sitting are all ways to enhance the patient experience.

As mentioned in Hospitals set tone for patient experience through lobby design by Healthcare Design, "Patients, families, and staff are becoming more sophisticated in taste and are demanding a more sophisticated healthcare building...The lobby is now considered an important extension of the care-giving environment.”  

With the opportunity to create a healing haven for patients immediately upon arriving or lounging while waiting, comfortable and flexible seating is an easy way to achieve a variety of these design goals.

Nova C seating by Green Furniture Concept compliments this rising healthcare design aesthetic.  As mentioned on Green Furniture Concept's website, "The configurably winding Nova C allows grand seating in scale with grand indoor spaces. The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort. The small footprint makes efficient use of the space."  

A recent example of this is at the cylindrical emergency and infectious diseases unit at Skåne University Hospital.  Green Furniture Concept's Nova C seating was chosen as the perfect solution for this niche space.  Below are our Top 3 advantages to using Nova C in this healthcare application:

1.  Curves Compliments Architecture.  The seating  in the emergency waiting room was changed to 'Nova C Back Wide' in the end of 2016. This new seating uses the circularity of the building and is installed with the same center point as the building itself, following the curved window line as well as the curved direction of flow from the entrance to the reception.

2.  Improved Sight Lines.  The reception is clearly visible from all seats, which also means that the supervising nurse has visual control of the faces of all patients.

3.  Thoughtful Design.  The 'Wide' model of the Nova C series was developed specifically for this project, in cooperation with hospital where personnel from the emergency, hygiene and cleaning departments were in direct dialogue with the designer, on site. 

See below for a few photos from this project:

Green Furniture Concept Nova C seating is a perfect solution for healthcare spaces.  Tel Ha-Shomer University Hospital showcases a lobby application with seamless seating:

Hôpital Nord 92 shows Green Furniture Concept's Nova C seating in another lounge area:


Creating your own healthcare space?  Contact us today for more information on Green Furniture Concept's applications!