Brightly Colored Alcoves for Nemours Children's Health System

Nemours Children’s Health System not only serves the usual inpatient population,but also serves outpatient visitors in their 65,000 square foot facility. Due to their large campus and the vast array of clinical services offered, consistency was important. Also on the top of their list was an inherent healing component. The building was purposely placed beside a forest and wetland and their team wished to bring that therapeutic feeling inside their walls, as well.

Brightly colored alcoves and KI’s MyWay adaptive seating was the answer to keep consistency among all wings of the healthcare facility.  MyWay’s durability yet whimsical silhouette fit perfectly with active children and parents. In fact, MyWay’s arms and backs are designed and crafted to be used as a seating surface.


MyWay lounge seating and occasional tables were the star of the show at Nemours.  The health center required seating that would be comfortable yet durable for all users –adults and children alike:


Bright colors were a must for the clientele Nemours serves. MyWay lounge seating accommodates contrasting fabrics to add pops of color:


Expansive windows, lively wall graphics, aswell as cheery textiles on MyWay loungeseating creates a zen atmosphere for visitors:


Nemours boasts a cafe, sibling play areas,meeting spaces, and lactation rooms. MyWay created a fitting backdrop for these spaces:

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