Open-Concept Oncology Clinic

KI was tasked to furnish a spacious and sophisticated oncology and hemotology clinic that would provide a calming and healing environment for oncology patients and their families, as well as the caregivers who support them. 

This open-concept clinic focused to maintain constant communication between the staff,patients and their families. KI provided the furniture solutions to gracefully accompany these vast spaces, but not overwhelm them.  KI’s Soltice® Metal, Perth®, and Arissa® madeup the ideal look and feel.

Recliners and lounge chairs in calming colors are tucked into the care and chemotherapy lounge areas, while more vibrant colors make their appearance in the public spaces supporting vitality and happiness.

See below for photos of the space:

The chemotherapy lounge area is highlighted with KI Soltice® Metal Lounge and Perth®Recliners – a clean look with the utmost comfort to help the patient feel right at home.


The on-site cafe is a pleasant perk to this facility. KI’s Apply® Stack Seating were the ideal answer to complement this eatery:



KI’s Arrisa® Lounge Collection, accented with effervescent blue tones, sets the tone at the clinic’s entrance:

The healing dynamic of natural light andample KI seating provide comfortable gathering alcoves for support systems.