Create a Sense of "Cozy" with Thoughtful Office Lounge Design

As we all enter the 9-5 grind on Monday, creating a space at work that invites comfort to combat mental fatigue throughout the week can help with employee stamina and productivity.

"Even though we can't all have offices that literally disappear after 6 p.m. to discourage employees from working late, we can embrace work spaces that mimic some of the key comforts of home. These design twists can help your team feel relaxed and engaged on their own, while understanding they can take breaks to increase focus and productivity in projects," (Three Office Design Improvements To Create a Work-Life Balance).

KI Furniture's MyPlace Lounge Collection creates cozy zones that can easily be moved around and reconfigured based on immediate needs.  See below for our Top 3 Reasons to choose MyPlace:

  1. MyPlace's lightweight construction make them easy for any user to push, roll, or pick up

  2. Available in unlimited fabrics and 30+ laminate finishes.

  3. With eleven integral pieces, MyPlace lounge and table elements can create endless environments.

Functional, adaptable, and fun, forge connections or host a spontaneous meeting by simply readjusting pieces to form the perfect space for your interaction.  See below for more photos of MyPlace:

Contact us for more information on the MyPlace Lounge Collection, and visit KI's website to learn more!