New Student Success Center at Genesee Community College’s Batavia Campus

Student success centers are popping up all over the country with the intention of creating convenient spaces on campus where students can continue their studying beyond the classroom.

According to University Business, "As the definition of student success continues to expand beyond retention and graduation rates, its physical presence on many campuses is also beginning to sprawl.  Student success centers have been emerging for years, and the trend is expected to continue."

These dedicated third spaces are an excellent opportunity for comfortable lounge seating, movable furniture, access to technology, all while promoting educational enrichment.  

Genesee Community College has jumped on board with this powerful new trend in education with the opening of their new Student Success Center at their Batavia Campus.  As mentioned on their website, "Through the Student Success Center, Genesee Community College introduces its new student success coaching model which provides efficient enrollment and student services with a new level of intentional engagement that is focused on students’ academic and personal success."

See below for photos of the furniture that supports the objective of the space:


KI Products Include:

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