Human Centered Design: The Benefits of Height Adjustable-Screens in Work Spaces

Created with modesty and privacy in mind, the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen by KI is easily affixed to a worksurface or table, allowing employees to work the way they want, when they want, with the freedom to move the screen to the desired position.  See below for our top 2 ways to maximize its use:

  1. Serves as a surface for tacking important documents or personal items like photos. Choose from acoustic PET felt and colorful opaque acrylic.

  2. The perfect answer to open plan offices when employees need a bit of privacy. Workers can pull the screen all the way up, to its maximum height, for a private phone call; or push the screen down for under-surface modesty.

Users can simply change their work setting with a push or pull.  Check out some photos below:


Want to create flexible privacy options in your work space?  Contact us today for more information!