School Designs STEM Lab Within Library

As the STEM trend continues to pop up all over the country, schools are adjusting to this new way of learning and accommodating physical spaces to support it...Did you know?

"Since the Great Recession, the number of STEM majors in bachelor’s degree-and-above programs has mushroomed, going from 388,000 graduates in 2009-10 to 550,000 in 2015-16—43% growth," (Source).  STEM Degrees are also now surpassing Humanities degrees according to new research:


A perfect example of a school creating a STEM lab within an already existing learning space was when a local PA high school transformed a portion of their library.  Inspired by a local engineering firm who used movable walls for conference areas, we were able to help support their design dream and space objective.

Perfect for learning spaces, KI Furniture's Architectural Walls were chosen due to their undeniable benefits:

  • Easily integrates with permanent construction and existing architecture
  • Can be easily moved and reconfigured without waste and with minimal labor
  • Maximizes the benefits of natural light

See below for a few photos of the completed space:

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