Patient-Centered Design at New State-of-the-art Treatment and Rehab Center

Featured as a NEW case study by KI Furniture, the Bellin clinic is decidedly not a traditional healthcare facility.  First impressions from the atrium are of a welcoming social space with abundant natural light that feels more collegiate or corporate lobby in its design.  Other key principles of active design help get patients back in the game:

• Daylight is implemented via the two-story atrium,bringing inherent health benefits.• A variety of communal and flexible multi-use spaces are found throughout.

• A centrally located and visually appealing staircase stands central to reception, encouraging the use of stairs over elevators.

• Face-to-face communications are encouraged with plenty of open spaces that inspire movement and collaboration.

• Height-adjustable worksurfaces allow staff to alternate between sitting and standing during the workday.

The result is now physicians, team care coordinators, and nurses all sharing the same workspaces. The arrangement enhances communication, bolsters collaborative care and allows for a truly patient-centric approach, all of which were strongly supported with attentive design and thoughtful furniture solutions.

See below for a few photos of the space:

This has been an excerpt from KI's official case study.  Want to learn more?  Click below to view the entire original document: