Hot New Product! Introducing the Katera Guest Chair

Hot New Product Alert! The Katera Guest Chair by KI Furniture is designed to follow the curves of the human body. Katera's built-in contours fit the user, and its well-proportioned frame invites those of any size to sit with ease. See below for our top 4 reasons to choose Katera for guest seating opportunities:

  1. Beautiful Arm Design. Katera's arm design provides an open feel and additional room for those of all sizes.

  2. Endless Options. Available in all poly, poly back/upholstered seat, all wood, wood back/upholstered seat, and fully upholstered.

  3. Mix and Match! Available materials include seven poly colors, three wood colors, and four frame colors.

  4. Ganging Capability. Perfect for large scale seating, Katera is availble with an optional retractable ganger.

See below for a few idea starters:

Click below to learn more about Katera on KI Furniture’s website, and contact us today to see a sample in person: