Liberal Arts Classroom Upgrade for University

Spaces can never be too small to create a huge impact in both form and function. When a university desired a Liberal Arts classroom to become more “Starbucks-Like” our team was happy to help!

With a classroom capacity of 16-20, comfortable, colorful, and flexible furniture became the solution to allow the furniture to flow just as easily as the creativity of the students.

With many conversations being more discussion based, the lounge pieces chosen allowed for a collaborative option next to more traditional table and chair seating. and also feature a power module for easy charging. However, with nearly everything on casters, students and staff can compliment each lesson individually and easily change the space.

Below is a timeline showcasing this project from start to finish - beginning with a photo of the “Before” space, the drawing our team created after addressing the needs of the school, followed by the rendering demonstrating what the space would look like, and finally our installation images and products:

Below is a breakdown of the specific pieces and finishes shown above:

Pallas Textiles

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