Library Lounge Created for High School

No longer a room where you “hush” upon entering, the school library space is now evolving into a constant state of energetic flux where the physical area must support the ever-changing needs of students in a highly digital and immersive world.

As society continues to experience a pedagogical shift in learning, students are provided with more opportunities to make connections, collaborate, communicate, think critically, and be creative. Their learning is purposeful, authentic, active, and student centered. The school library is a vital part of any school community. It is because of changing pedagogy that many schools are using the school library and other spaces as a starting point to reinventing themselves to better serve all stakeholders,” (Extending the Classroom: The Library Learning Commons).

So how have schools been supporting this shift for students?

School library programs continue to undergo momentous changes that have heightened the importance of technology and evidence-based learning. The focus has moved from the library as a confined place to one with fluid boundaries that is layered by diverse needs and influenced by an interactive global community. Guiding principles for school library programs must focus on building a flexible learning environment with the goal of producing successful learners skilled in multiple literacies,” (American Association of School Librarians).

Our team was lucky enough to help a local high school renovate their existing library space into a more dynamic, media friendly, and comfortable lounge space for students. Not just containing bookshelves, the revamped room now has a lounge space near ample natural light, movable and comfortable seating and tables, and even a cafe area where students can collaborate freely.

See below for the project evolution - from brainstorming, to drawing, to renderings, the final space, and even specific products chosen:

Curious about some of the specific pieces featured above? See below for a product breakdown and click on any of the images to learn more:

Pallas Textiles Include:

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