Student Commons Creates Flux Between Learning and Social Spaces


A New “Front Door”

An Upstate NY community college wished to create a new “front door” to welcome those who entered. The objective of the space was to hopefully become a magnet for newcomers and visitors, be the first place that people would want to see and visit on campus, and be a desirable destination for existing students.

Learning and Social Flux

Not only a draw for those passing through, the learning commons addresses today’s generation of students. The new main atrium was brand new construction that connected two existing buildings: one being an academic space, and one being a social space. Physically representing a rebirth of campus culture, one singular space now serves 2 purposes both physically and symbolically since it supports both academic and social needs (which are now very much one in the same for today’s learner).

How Furniture Supports the Intent of the Space

Despite being wide open, students have described the space as cozy, comfortable and warm. Through the furniture layout and pieces chosen, we created many areas for students to find different ways to either socialize or find their own personal space for studying. What resulted is a modern interpretation of the education of the future: learning happens everywhere.

Below are a few examples of how we worked with the school to bring their vision to life through renderings, then finally showcasing the installation:

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KI Furniture Featured:

Green Furniture Concept

Indiana Furniture

Pallas Textiles


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