State testing this spring? Get your classroom ready!

Often times as the warmer weather approaches, so does state testing for many schools.  How do you recreate your classroom to accommodate these longer periods of concentration?

Below are a few options that can help.  Many of our suggestions below also include casters, which keeps the classroom quiet during concentration.  Remember being in school and hearing the heavy furniture  "screeeeeeech" across the ground in classrooms below or next to you?  Eliminate distractions with wheels for quiet movability.

See below for 6 examples of flexible furniture that easily transition from collaborative hubs to classroom layouts for quiet testing to support student success. 

1. The Ruckus Collection

Although Ruckus seating is perfect for providing movement, it is also comfortable and easily movable.  Easily direct students to leave study pods and glide into rows. 

Options include:

  • Upholstered seats for increased comfort
  • Book racks to safely store bookbags and other "stuff"
  • Casters to keep the classroom quiet as they transition into rows for testing.  

2. Learn2 Seating

A KI Furniture classic, this seating is also available on casters and can move around to accommodate testing requirements.  


Options include:

  • 3 Different shell types - Strive, Intellect Wave, and Doni
  • An accessory rack option to put student bookbags and supplies
  • A cup holder option giving kids the option to stay hydrated

3. Intellect Wave Sit/Stand

Testing for hours can be uncomfortable, and the Intellect Wave Sit/Stand chair gives students the option to stand.  Standing has been proving to help with concentration, and can also relieve discomfort during longer testing periods, keeping kids focused.


4.  Try a Tiered Classroom Layout

This layout gives options depending on student needs, and also gives clear sight lines for teachers and students.

Ruckus_tiered classroom.jpg

5.  Teacher Options

As facilitators of testing, below are a few options to help teachers, too!  

Do you move from room to room?  Not all teachers have a home-base, and the All Terrain Mobile Teacher Desk is perfect if you need to be flexible and teach in different spaces of a school


The Instruct All Terrain Mobile Lectern is a small-scale teacher desk that lets instruction happen in the tightest of spaces. Smooth-rolling casters allow the lectern to be moved easily - perfect for instructors who go from room to room. Its efficient design includes storage for teaching materials and a landing pad is available with an angled surface for lecturing ease.


6.  Other Flexible Additions

Lastly, outside of desks and chairs, there are also a ton of other flexible furniture options that allow for easy movement.  Check them out below and click on any for more information:

Have any questions about any of the above possibilities?  Contact us today to continue the conversation!