A University Harnasses the Power of Pure Air for Students

Imagine providing students and staff with the benefits of fresh air all year long?  Hanken, The Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki, invested in green walls in a variety of locations on campus to improve indoor air quality, resulting in a variety of health and productivity benefits.  As mentioned on NAAVA's website:

"In order to examine the effects of the green walls, a survey was conducted among the students studying in the library both before the walls were installed and one month after the installation. The students received no information about the walls in advance. The results show a clear positive effect on the general well-being already after a short period of time.

"Of the respondents, 32,7% felt that the air quality in the library had improved and fewer students reported negative symptoms, such as headache and dry eyes. In addition the green walls were considered as a boost to the general atmosphere of the library," reported Tua Hindersson-Söderholm, Head of the Library."

View a few photos of the university below to see how green walls compliment a variety of learning spaces:

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