Charter School Promotes School Brand Within Historic Building

Haas Hall Academy is an open-enrollment, charter high school serving northwest Arkansas. The small, comprehensive institution promotes an accelerated college preparatory curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12. The organization had three locations when it pursued a fourth campus site by restoring the 1928 Lane Hotel in downtown Rogers, Arkansas.

Colors and finishes of the school’s KI products intentionally reflect the academy’s brand. The modern choices blend with and complement the restored original finishes found throughout the second-floor lobby, dining and administrative areas.

Not only is the new campus part of the historic preservation efforts in downtown Rogers, but it is centrally located at the intersection of numerous neighborhoods. Those factors combined with the contemporary learning environments facilitated by KI’s educational solutions are supporting the academy’s goal to attract and accommodate 500 students.

The restoration and adaptive reuse of the nearly 90-year-old building provided a unique and distinctive setting for the academy. The architects hired by Haas Hall Academy restored the second floor lobby while gutting the first, third, fourth and fifth floors and reconfiguring them into classroom spaces all housing KI products. 

The KI educational solutions include Ruckus innovative seating to promote student movement, letting users choose how to relate to learning spaces. Intellect Wave® classroom chairs were also selected for a clean, modern appeal. MyWay® Lounge seating further adds to the student flexibility factor.

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