7 Spaces Every Office Needs

Are you currently dreaming up a brand new office space, or redesigning a current floorplan?  Below we've identified 7 specific spaces that divide and conquer an Open Office, providing flexibility, variety, and mobility.  Scroll below to view some ideas:


1.  Space to Lounge.  Kick up your feet, get comfortable...and get to work!  Lounge spaces that are comfortable with a variety of seating options make for diverse spots to work to your needs.


2.  Space for Solitude.  Sometimes we need to get away from the hustle and bustle and get heads-down for awhile.  Separate yourself in cozy coves such as these, created with KI Furniture's MyPlace Collection and Movable Walls:

NeoCon 2017_Evoke_Lightline4.jpg

3.  Space to Dream.  Carving out time during the week to explore, research, and dream up new ways of approaching your workload is imperative for forward-thinking companies.  Inspirational spots to brainstorm break up the monotony of workstations and provide ample opportunity for creative discussion.  Movable furniture that can easily be rearranged allows users to shape their space as they see fit, and tiered seating keeps everyone with the best view.


4.  Space to Concentrate.  Time to get heads-down for awhile.  KI Furniture's Connection Zone Collection and speaks to a more traditional office atmosphere, with clean lines and modern finishes.  Sit/Stand options also allow users to stay mobile and comfortable while working.

NeoCon 2017_Doni_WorkUp1.jpg

5.  Space to Collaborate.  Need a quick touchdown area to review a couple key items?  Tiny nooks to collaborate with access to technology make for great sweet spots of discussion.


6.  Space to Meet.  Have a longer chat planned to really dive into hot topics?  Creating a meeting space with movable walls which allow natural light to filter into your space, along with comfortable and ergonomic seating to keep participants comfortable.

NeoCon 2017_Evoke_Lightline1.jpg

7.  Space to Refuel.  Need to grab something to eat or drink to sustain throughout your workday?  Cafes and Cafeterias also can serve as impromptu meeting spots to brainstorm and collaborate.


These were just a few idea-starters of how to divide and conquer your space to maximize square footage, keep associates comfortable, happy, and productive.  Click below to contact us today for any additional information!