A Desirable Dining Experience Created for Students

Dining halls are increasingly becoming a point of interest for students as space to not only eat, but study, collaborate, relax, and have an experiential time while dining.

"According to a Harris Study, Millennials highly value experiences, and are increasingly spending time and money on them. The experiential quality of a meal obviously plays into this and is changing the way college administrators, planners and architects are thinking about dining offerings on campus. Since a growing percentage of parents both work, millennials and Gen Z’ers order and eat out more than past generations, and thus are savvier eaters. Because of this, they expect a dining experience that is more similar to the outside world, where choice and customization are king. As a result, many institutions are responding by moving towards an on-campus dining experience closer to that model. For example, many dining facilities are progressively shifting towards marketplace models, where different stations offer greater choice and specific points of view," (Source).

See below for a dining hall our team recently updated. showcasing the installation story from drawing, to renderings, to installation.  Full of color, an array of seating options and views, this space is right inline with what many millennial students desire while dining.

Products featured in this installation include:

Pallas Textiles

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