Updated Literacy Center Created for University

We recently were pleased to work with a university in our Western PA territory to help update their literacy center. Bringing in color, attractive storage, and flexible pieces that function as well as they look, we were able to help our client transform what was once a more traditional room into a vibrant and dynamic literacy center for students and staff.

The school also desired the inside space to support their extended mission of academic encouragement beyond higher education. The university wanted to open up the literacy center to the surrounding community, supporting a current tutoring program they have for local children.

Here is a photo of the space before it was updated:


The final space is hardly recognizable. Many of the comfortable furniture pieces move providing flexibility for those using the center, and the Pillar Sprocket Tables even have a marker board surface to encourage interaction for students and local children studying with tutors. Check out this direct quote from the client:

People are awestruck when they walk by and most can't help but come in.  I even had two tutors cry because it is such a beautiful space! 

See below for a few comparisons of our rendering capabilities bringing our client’s vision to life before installation vs. the final space:

The white bookcases along the walls that were chosen are beautiful Hamilton Casework Solutions, and please contact us for more information regarding the curved bookcases featured. See below for a complete breakdown of the main products and fabrics chosen for this project:


KI Furniture

Pallas Textiles

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