5 Reasons To Use Single-Face Storage

Introducing Single-Face Storage, KI Furniture’s Ruckus Collection now features an exciting new way of modular, clear, organized storage. Below are our top 5 reasons you should check out this small but impactful option:

  1. Organize the chaos. Ruckus storage keeps tools handy and learning or working spaces neat. Perfect for collaborative settings, such as classrooms or meeting spaces, Ruckus provides storage that is uniquely attractive.

  2. Small footprint. Single-face storage is 18” deep; a smaller footprint eases space planning.

  3. Consistency and flexibility. Comprehensive storage line provides visual consistency across classrooms and schools along with the flexibility and personalization inherent in KI’s design.

  4. Change on the fly. Mobile options provide on-demand flexibility to change layouts as needed.

  5. Variety of Options. Bookcases, cubbies, lockers and tote storage available open or with doors in various heights and widths. Totes available in four sizes with optional lids.

Below are a few idea-starters specific to learning spaces:

Not just for classrooms, single-face storage could also be a great option for office or working environments where materials need to be easily accessible, such as in design or creative departments:

For more information on this collection and other available options for your learning or working space, click below to contact us today: