Creating Comfort During a Healthcare Experience

While visiting a loved one, friend, or family member in the hospital, the healing experience extends from the patient to those surrounding them in the room. According to research entitled Impact of Family Presence in the Healthcare Setting the benefits of visiting patients are vast:

“Studies have shown that when the patient and family desire open visitation, an increase in comfort and morale is observed in both the family and the patient, and the patient experiences more positive outcomes,” (Source).

“Patient-centered care and family presence is relevant to every unit in every hospital. Positive patient outcomes include rapid recovery times, decreased length of stay on the hospital unit, and increased morale and satisfaction reported by the patients and their families,” (Source).

Encouraging a comfortable stay while visiting a patient in the hospital often starts with seating, and if an overnight visitor begins to set up for sleep, comfort and adjustability are key. A new product by KI Furniture, the Hiatus Sleeper Bed, supports all levels of comfort, flexibility, and even charging capabilities. Benefits of the Hiatus include:

  • The Trundle style bed easily pulls out from front

  • Front panel of bench has visual cue and inside grip (storage unit versions) for ease of conversion

  • When converted, mattress size is that of a twin size bed constructed using an antimicrobial moisture barrier

  • Upholstery can be specified with high-performing vinyl or 100% silicone based materials

Here are a few photos demonstrating how the Hiatus sleeper supports comfort while visiting a loved one:

Click below for a 1 minute video showcasing the Hiatus in action:

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