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KI's Tattoo™ is more than a collection of products. It's a design philosophy that celebrates freedom and independence, individuality and expression. Tattoo invites you to rethink and rearrange your space - independently and on the fly. It paints a picture that's both defining and uniting. Inspiring results that are more than skin deep.

Approximately 95 million people in the US spend their day inside an office space. Businesses want to attract top candidates by providing a work environment that is invigorating and engaging – key motivational triggers especially for Gen X and Y. Employers are increasingly bearing the responsibility of providing a quality workspace that reflects their overall company branding while always looking to lower the cost of operations. Corbett Inc. is your resource to proactively tackle these issues, and we are well suited to help companies small and large create amazing work environments for their stakeholders and clients.


Creating a dynamic workspace that is as flexible as it is functional can certainly be a challenge – especially while keeping in mind employee attraction strategy and longterm ROI of design.  Recently spoken of in the Harvard Business Review article, Workspaces that Move People:

“Recognize office space as not just an amortized asset but a strategic tool for growth.  The consulting and design firm Strategy Plus estimates that office utilization peaks at 42% on any given day. By that logic, the best way to manage cost per square foot is to remove ‘wasted’ square feet” (Read More).

KI is known for its custom capabilities and responsive design, and can help you preparing for longevity of workspaces while allowing for growth and change. 

Local Installations

Corbett Inc. CreateS Flexible, Collaborative Work Environments for TargetX

TargetX, an industry leading CRM provider for colleges and universities, teamed up with Corbett Inc. and KI furniture to create flexible, collaborative work environments at its Philadelphia headquarters.

Corbett Inc. CreateS Engaging Work Space with Interactive Wall

Corbett Inc. and T1V worked with SAP to create an interactive, immersive experience in their Executive Briefing Center in Newtown Square, PA.

Corporate Office Space

King of Prussia, PA


Corporate Space

King of Prussia, PA


Corporate Space

Princeton, NJ


Corporate Spaces Blog Posts

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