returning to the office

After months of working remotely, some employees may feel isolated by their remote schedule. By our very nature, humans are social animals. Isolation can lead to poor performance as well as a breakdown of critical relationships with coworkers, which often define the culture of a company. Returning to spaces where employees can safely have in-person communications will have psychological benefits for staff.

in high traffic areas, ensure sanitizing supplies are readily available for workers to wipe down chairs & tables before and after use

provide storage for workers to keep their belongings safe and work area clutter free



Entrances & lobbies serve a variety of purposes in an office space. In some cases, security checks, meetings, shipping and receiving packages, are all activities that happen in these areas.
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retrofit offices with video conference technology to support collaboration with remote workers

install signage to promote social distancing in small communal spaces (e.g., occupancy signage).

Collaboration and dwell spaces bring people together in-person or remotely for project work, meetings, events, and meals that define an organization’s culture.

enhance acoustic treatments so workers can hear & be heard through masks

consider replacing conference tables with tablet arm chairs that will allow for greater distancing when possible

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open office

introduce plants & greenery to assist with air purification

provide remote workers with touchdown spaces when working in the office

stagger workstations where possible and

rotate to face the same direction

The modern workplace will see some growing pains as the new pandemic prompts many to rethink how we use the office. Soon some offices may become a place for only collaborative work.

Provide touch-less water dispensers around campus to fill cups and water bottles.

Utilize operable windows for outside air where possible.

Increase ventilation rates and air changes. Clean HVAC intakes daily.

Hold meetings in a nearby park or outdoor patio when weather permits.

Refrain from serving food and beverages during meetings. Encourage employees to take breaks and eat lunch outside, if appropriate.

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