Welcome to the Corbett Cove! We’ve created this cozy space where you can dive in to some of the latest trends, encapsulated in easy-to-read digital flipbooks.  Get Comfortable, and Get Ready to dive into the most exciting trends in our industry:


All students are unique. How do you create a space for all learners in the classroom while supporting a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)? Here we have put together a few idea-starters for differentiated instruction to keep your students as engaged as possible according to their needs.

The STEAM Movement

Click to read and discover the definition of STEAM, the benefits of a STEAM classroom, and how to create your very own!


Educational spaces redesigned to support next-generation thinkers.


This book showcases a variety of ways you can incorporate Biophilia elements into your space, whether its Education, Business, or Healthcare.

What if we worked the way we lived?

Our professional lives and environments we create should provoke well-being and happiness, just as they do at home.

visual trends

Below is a collection of infographics we’ve created based on industry research, trends, and product application. Click on any of the images below to learn more!