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Wellbeing happens when there is an intersection between our physical, cognitive and emotional health — safety is foundational to all three. Educational institutions need to ensure that students and educators are minimally exposed to pathogens that cause illness and that they feel supported so learning can still thrive.
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Incorporate directional signage and walking paths to help with traffic flow and avoid run-ins.

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With simple modifications to density and configuration you can make it safe for your students & staff.

Integrate technology that enables remote attendance, allowing fewer students to be physically present in classrooms.

Introduce furniture that can easily be moved and reconfigured. This allows students and educators to easily distance themselves from other as needed.
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common areas

Move excess students into common spaces like gyms, libraries & auditoriums to address the dedensification of classrooms.

Being able to provide students on campus study spaces will nurture
the unique sense of belonging and shared experiences that campuses provide.

Install signage to promote social distancing in small communal spaces (e.g., occupancy signage).

The mobile furniture can be easily reconfigured, as needs and safety concerns change.

Create outdoor study areas for access to fresh air and to limit spread of disease.

Use plexiglass to encourage 

face-to-face collaboration.

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Introduce hard or fabric barriers that are scientifically proven to stop or deflect the virus.

Remove chairs from banquet tables to encourage standing and prevent lingering

Food is the fuel students need to excel academically. It is crucial for campuses to offer safe dining experiences to your residents.

Provide touch-less water dispensers around campus to fill cups and water bottles.

Utilize operable windows for outside air where possible.

Conducting classes outdoors to increase natural air flow and connections with the natural environment, which can reshape the learning landscape into a laboratory.

Enhance acoustic Treatments so students can hear & be heard through masks

Use mobile storage for cleaning supplies to keep it out of the way when rooms are in use.

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