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Our Top 3 Reasons Natural Light Benefits Students & Schools

The effects of classroom design on student learning have always been discussed – but to what extent does it really make an impact?

According to one study, classroom design “can account for as much as 25% of a student’s progress” over the course of a school year. Though classroom design incorporates all classroom components that make up a learning environment, the effects of natural light on student performance were specifically highlighted.


Below are our top 3 reasons natural light is crucial in classroom design:

1. Improves Performance

A study revealed that students had a 20% better learning rate in math and 26% improved rate in reading when they had more access to daylight – confirming another study’s finding that classrooms with large windows were associated with 15-23% of the improvement in students’ exam results.

2.  Creates a Healthy Learning Environment

According to a recent study, daylighting is an efficient method for “providing better learning conditions and health in schools,” as it promotes Vitamin D generation and circadian regulation. While poor daylighting causes discomfort and reduced learning, proper daylighting can enhance mental performance, decrease depression, improve sleep, and help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

3.  Promotes Sustainable Building Design

It has been reported that America’s schools spend more than $8 billion each year on energy, and about 28% of electricity consumed by a typical school is just for lighting alone. With this in mind, “utilizing natural light [in buildings] can lead to substantial energy savings,” and reduce consumption of electricity generated in the United States. (Additional Resource)


KI Furniture Lights the Way

Inviting natural light into various learning environments is crucial in encouraging student performance and growth. KI’s Lightline Architectural Wall and WiggleRoom Super Structure provide not only the needed privacy in classrooms, but more importantly, the flexibility of exposure to natural lighting.

KI’s movable walls and pods support superior environment providing both beautiful form and functional utility. Contact us today to discover how KI can help light the way in your learning environment.

Architectural glass walls for STEM/STEAM Education Makerspace
KI Lightline Architectural Wall in Fluxspace

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