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Corbett Inc. strives to stay ahead of the curve in terms of emerging trends, product solutions, research, and space design in the variety of vertical markets we cover. We attribute our longevity and success to creating a dedicated team with an intense focus on customer satisfaction and being responsive to meeting our customers’ needs.  This is a tradition and culture that began in 1935 and will continue long into the future.

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Corbett Inc. has been around to witness changes in K-12 learning environments first hand. We have assisted many schools in adapting their current spaces to be more flexible by providing innovative product solutions that are durable and budget sensitive.  

From STEM schools, to charter schools, to Makerspaces, and everything in between, our client success stories span from PA, NJ, DE, WV and all the way to Upstate NY.


The Ruckus Collection enables active learning like nothing else, strengthens human-centered learning, and creates highly engaging environments on the fly. Sit how you like. Teach how you like.

Local Installations


When students at Barnegat High School felt like they were being held back by their classroom environment, they decided to do something about it, reaching out to the leading provider of educational furniture solutions, KI furniture. KI teamed up with students and faculty at Barnegat high school to transform their classroom environment with KI's award-winning Learn2 educational seating.


Corbett Inc. collaborated with Pan American Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, PA to create interactive and collaborative learning environments for students and staff. The school features furniture solutions that work together to create, colorful, vibrant, collaborative learning environments. The school is an independent, free, public K-8 charter school serving grades K-7.


When the Green Woods Charter School in Philadelphia wanted to modernize its unique learning environment for teachers and students, it selected KI for its innovative classroom furniture. The Green Woods Charter School provides children in grades K through 8 with the opportunity to be active, knowledgeable and conscientious young investigators by fostering a keen understanding of our local and global existence.


Corbett Inc. helped transform the Neighborhood Academy with educational furniture that created a comfortable, inviting and vibrant learning environment for students, faculty and staff. The Neighborhood Academy (The Academy) exists to provide a holistic college-prep education for students in grades 8-12 who come from low income families.

PA Private School

Bryn Mawr, PA


Westmont Hilltop High School

Johnstown, PA

Photography by Ellen Steimling


K-12 Blog Posts

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The world of Higher Education faces many challenges in order to stay ahead of the curve in learning styles and effectiveness, and attracting and retaining students is more competitive now than ever. Special attention needs to be paid to creating spaces that support collaboration and the reality that learning happens everywhere on a college campus, or "Student Third Spaces". Corbett Inc. has vast experience creating effective spaces across hundreds of college campuses, and our deep knowledge and previous case studies provide you with a trusted resource for your next facility addition or renovation project.



Ideal for colleges and universities in lounge areas, libraries, study zones, residence halls, student unions and more, Sway lounge furniture by KI capitalized on "Student Third Space" trends.


kean university/ocean county college

Corbett Inc. partnered with Kean University and Ocean County College (OCC) to create optimal learning environments for students, faculty and staff. Many of these spaces are considered student "Third Space" and feature innovative educational furniture in a variety of advanced learning environments. 


Corbett Inc. utilized KI's portfolio of award-winning educational furniture and personalized capabilities to help SUNY Geneseo transform its newly renovated Doty Hall. The educational furniture, including height-adjustable desking and more, combined to create optimal, collaborative learning environments for students, faculty and staff.


Student Success Center

Pemberton, NJ

School of Business

Glassboro, NJ


PA University

Indiana, PA

NJ College

Pemberton, NJ

PA Community College

Blue Bell, PA


Community College Library

Butler, PA

Updated Student Wing

Binghamton, NY


Higher Education Blog Posts

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Hot New Product: Evoke Fence

Approximately 95 million people in the US spend their day inside an office space. Businesses want to attract top candidates by providing a work environment that is invigorating and engaging – key motivational triggers especially for Gen X and Y. Employers are increasingly bearing the responsibility of providing a quality workspace that reflects their overall company branding while always looking to lower the cost of operations. Corbett Inc. is your resource to proactively tackle these issues, and we are well suited to help companies small and large create amazing work environments for their stakeholders and clients.


Creating a dynamic workspace that is as flexible as it is functional can certainly be a challenge – especially while keeping in mind employee attraction strategy and longterm ROI of design.  Recently spoken of in the Harvard Business Review article, Workspaces that Move People:

“Recognize office space as not just an amortized asset but a strategic tool for growth.  The consulting and design firm Strategy Plus estimates that office utilization peaks at 42% on any given day. By that logic, the best way to manage cost per square foot is to remove ‘wasted’ square feet” (Read More).

KI is known for its custom capabilities and responsive design, and can help you preparing for longevity of workspaces while allowing for growth and change. 

Local Installations

Corbett Inc. CreateS Flexible, Collaborative Work Environments for TargetX

TargetX, an industry leading CRM provider for colleges and universities, teamed up with Corbett Inc. and KI furniture to create flexible, collaborative work environments at its Philadelphia headquarters.

Corbett Inc. CreateS Engaging Work Space with Interactive Wall

Corbett Inc. and T1V worked with SAP to create an interactive, immersive experience in their Executive Briefing Center in Newtown Square, PA.

Corporate Office Space

King of Prussia, PA


Corporate Space

King of Prussia, PA


Corporate Space

Princeton, NJ


Corporate Spaces Blog Posts

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Healthcare environments need to be designed to facilitate healing first – while at the same time considering issues such as patient safety, increasing physical, social and psychological comfort as well as operational efficiency of that facility and staff. Corbett Inc. is your resource for solutions that address all of the increasingly critical issues that need to be addressed when designing a healthcare space, and our client case studies are extensive.

The Ruckus Collection fosters engagement between healthcare patients, providers and staff. Its innovative design promotes simple and essential movement, adapting to a variety of users and uses. Ruckus supports positional changes, encourages eye-to-eye contact and accommodates individual sitting styles. It's also a unique solution for staff and guest regeneration, providing comfort and versatility.

Pocono Medical Center

East Stroudsburg, PA


Medical School

Camden, NJ


Einstein Medical Center

Philadelphia, PA


Healthcare Blog Posts


The role of government is to protect, enforce and regulate. Corbett Inc. has a dedicated focus to serving the facility needs of the Federal Government, and most product solutions are available on GSA contract (as well as various state and local contracts).


KI Genius Movable Walls unite aesthetic flexibility with practical utility. It's endlessly customizable, offering the freedom to pursue any design imaginable. Designed to reduce noise (44-48 STC), Genius Movable Walls feature removable panels allowing easy redesign and/or access to power data. As a demountable, moveable wall, Genius Architectural Walls provide substantial improvement in lifecycle costs over traditional drywall or stick-built wall construction. Pre-engineered solution creates significantly less construction waste. Endless glass options promote natural day lighting. Substantial recycled content and GREENGUARD certified.

KI Partners with NJPA

KI is proud to partner with NJPA to offer furniture at affordable prices to government agencies, K-12 school districts, higher education and non-profits nationwide. 


KI Furniture Solutions on GSA Contract

KI's GSA furniture contract (GS-28F-0033P) offers a wide range of cost-effective product solutions.