When the environment itself becomes active, the mindset of education can now focus on building a community of learners.
We are designing for the next generation of learners
“Erase the line” where teachers stand and students sit. As the goal of education shifts from reciting to problem-solving, the current state of classrooms must evolve to support modern day learning strategies.
Focus Spaces
Working independently is crucial to students' academic progression. In focus zones, students can hone in on concepts they haven’t yet mastered or work on improving different skill sets.
Social Spaces
Spaces dedicated for small and large group collaboration empower students to learn from each other, develop critical thinking skills, and become thoughtful problem solvers.
Active Spaces
Students benefit from spaces that focus on celebrating their varied interests and unique perspectives across different disciplines. Whether it's giving students a centralized space to enhance their creativity, or an opportunity to compete on an eSports team, active spaces can help uncover new talents and interests that weren't exposed before.
Private Spaces
Private spaces dedicated to mentorship programs can much support students' social-emotional development. Students can freely explore a wide range of possibilities for what they can become, as well as be exposed to a community of people who are there to listen, encourage, connect and advise.
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