Can We Design Our Way Out of This?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The impact design has on Patients and Caretakers social, emotional and physical well-being.

An outstanding and stress less experience is one that uniquely responds to the social, emotional, and physical needs of patients, family members and caretakers. Wellness environments should address those needs in a way that is supportive, inspiring and dignifying. The healthcare industry is continuously improving efficient ways of applying environmental psychology to space design.


Arrival spaces go far beyond the lobby with a single reception desk and rows of seating.  Upon arrival, the Welcoming Experience should immediately shift its visitor’s focus from treatment to personal well-being.

Wellness arrival and waiting experiences may include:

biophilia and garden spaces

  • cafe spaces

  • a variety of lounge and community spaces

  • abundant daylight

  • intuitive wayfinding

  • positive distractions: visual and inspiring elements within a space

Statistically, the incorporation of biophilia within hospitals has reduced post-operative recovery by 8.5% and the use of pain medication by 22% (1)


Studies show that caregiver satisfaction directly parallels to patient recovery times, ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the care team translates directly into improved medical care and outcomes.

By bringing daylight deep into the “behind the scene” areas of a hospital, such as patient-floor halls and nurse's stations where caregivers spend much of their day can help keep motivational and improve energy levels.


Technology enables people to become more active participants in their own health. Simple engagement tools such as VR and self-check-in kiosks are becoming well established in many healthcare environments.

VR is a safer, more efficient alternative to drugs. VR technology is being used not only to treat pain, but everything from anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, and stroke. (2)


Experiencing a space driven by good design not only develops a quality around comfort and physical well-being, but can also have an impact on a person's social awareness. It is clear, that the natural environment can have a significant impact on our well-being in many ways. Providing sustainable furniture and quality finishes with a transparent supply chain can evokes positive emotions. The story behind the products incorporated into a space becomes a positive distraction from the patients original intention for visiting.

For example, Green Furniture Concept's wood components come from certified sources to support and guarantee responsible forestry. GFC also plants a tree for every product sold, in order to, close the biological cycle started when the trees are cut down.

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