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Hot New Product! Introducing the Katera Guest Chair

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Hot New Product Alert! The Katera Guest Chair by KI Furniture is designed to follow the curves of the human body. Katera's built-in contours fit the user, and its well-proportioned frame invites those of any size to sit with ease. See below for our top 4 reasons to choose Katera for guest seating opportunities:

  • Beautiful Arm Design. Katera's arm design provides an open feel and additional room for those of all sizes.

  • Endless Options. Available in all poly, poly back/upholstered seat, all wood, wood back/upholstered seat, and fully upholstered.

  • Mix and Match! Available materials include seven poly colors, three wood colors, and four frame colors.

  • Ganging Capability. Perfect for large scale seating, Katera is availble with an optional retractable ganger.

See below for a few idea starters:

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