How does natural light promote patient healing in healthcare spaces?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Did you know?

According to research entitled the Impact of Light on Healthcare Settings done by the Center of Healthcare Design, exposure to natural light:

• Reduces depression among patients with seasonal affective disorder and bipolar depression.

• Decreases length of stay in hospitals.

• Improves sleep and circadian rhythms.

• Lessens agitation among dementia patients, and eases pain

What the ancients knew?

An article by Healthcare Design Magazine focusing on “The Healing use of light and color” speaks about the use of light healing people long ago:

• The belief in light and color therapy as a method for healing is not new. Prior to the advent of drugs, doctors utilized the healing properties of the sun to improve health, both physically and psychologically.

• The Ancient Greeks were the first to document both the theory and practice of solar therapy.

• Heliopolis, Greek for “City of the Sun“, was famous for its healing temples, in which sunlight was broken up into its spectral components (colors), and each component was used for a specific medical problem.

So how do you let the light in?

Natural light can have amazing beneficial effects on patients – and has not one, but two movable wall solutions to help speed along the healing process.  KI’s new Lightline™ wall seamlessly connects with KI’s proven Genius® wall.

See below for a few examples of walls in healthcare spaces:

Whether combined or separated, KI’s wall product solutions support superior healthcare environments, providing both beautiful form and functional utility. Click below to learn more about Walls on our Modular Wall page:

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