School Library Upgrade with Coffee Shops Vibes

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

One of the things we love most about what we do is collaborating with our clients. When a school in our Western PA territory wished to upgrade their library, they had a few ideas on their list of “Must-Haves” of what the final space would include:

  • Variety of seating including booths, soft seating, and café height tables

  • Multi-functional space that would support both silent studying and collaboration

  • Space that would support 20+ capacity

  • Overall “Coffee Shop” vibe

  • Dual-sided CPU table

The client was also a fan of Green Furniture Concept Leaf Lamp Trees and Seamless Seating benches. Once the brainstorming and planning began, our team thoroughly enjoyed collaborating on finishes, fabrics, and final details. We were also happy to bring the client’s vision to life with a 3D rendering of what the space would look like based on all of our discussions and final selections:

Once the team agreed on the final design, were excited to get started! Here are a few images of the finished space:

The natural elements, colors, and seating that can easily be moved based on the needs of the day completes the library look and function.

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