Stay Green and Modular with Green Furniture Concept Seamless Seating

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Great news! Green Furniture Concept has 2 award-winning modular seating options in their Nova C series that promote comfort, flexibility, green design, form, and function.

These applications are perfect for any lounge, lobby, business, or corporate setting to make the most use of working square footage and can be completely customized to fit your specific space. Scroll below to learn more about Nova C Perch and the Nova C Recliner:

Nova C Perch

A unique addition to the Nova C Seating series, the Perch is a stand-up bench where people can take a quick rest, lean, and relax.

Perch is made in an ergonomic design to support the lower back and lumbar spine, parts of the body that often get exposed for stress which can lead to pain. It supports the backs of people in a wide height rate, while letting the user remain a natural standing position and posture.

A perfect sweet spot for users to take a break between meetings, lunch, have a quick chat with coworkers, the Perch can also be customized to fit your space.

Nova C Recliner

The newest addition to the Nova C series is the Recliner, available with both single and double back. This is a lounge variant of our Nova C Back, made in an ergonomic, body-conscious design that fits a reclined seating position. 

The recliner is modular and configurable and can shape seamless and endless formations of straight and curved modules, with only the integrated armrests separating the seats. It can create large social and flow controlling configurations with a compound impression, or create whole natural environments together with its brothers and sisters of the Nova C series. 

The recliner is a great addition to any hallway, lobby, or lounge to promote comfort and working third space.

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