The Rise of Brick Labs

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Have you heard of Brick Labs? This niche learning space is growing in popularity as a way to support both STEM and STEAM learning spaces, and more specifically, taps into Kinesthetic Learning in the very well known VARK Model. So how is Kinesthetic Learning so powerful for certain learning types, especially in a Brick Lab learning space?

The Power of Kinesthetic Learning: Hands-on learning engages both students’ minds and their hands. Also known as kinesthetic or tactile learning, it is a style in which students perform physical activities or manipulate materials rather than listening to a lecture or reading information. Kinesthetic, manipulative-based, or hands-on — no matter what you call it, this learning stimulates multiple senses and often helps students better remember concepts,” (Source).

By providing a hands-on area where students can be self-directed while building and learning, exploring their curiosity, while also collaborating and extending their creativity - well, does it get much better than that?! See below for a few idea-starters:

Thinking about creating your own Brick Lab, Brick Makerspace, or other room of your school? We can help by working with you to select the best pieces to support the overall mission and space. Just to get started, products featured in the above images include:

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