Why Walls in Healthcare?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

With modular walls, your healthcare environment is able to build and reconfigure space without the dust and debris of drywall. Long lasting benefits of walls also include privacy support, enhanced daylighting, customization, power and data integration possibilities, and more.

Below we have outlined 3 modular wall products and their benefits for healthcare:


•Unitized demountable butt-glazed glass panels

•Glass to glass connections made with rigid acrylic seals

•Designed to bring natural light from the exterior of the building into the core

•1/2” glass thickness provides highest STC


•The alternative to drywall (interfaces with built environment)

•Screen printable, wrappable and paintable

•Minimal 1/16” panel to panel reveals

•Hang on components & technology integration

•STC up to 50


•Unitized demountable wall system

•Includes solid panels, glass panels, solid/glass panels and doors

•Can incorporate power and accommodate technology

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