Street Space


a space that allows for comfortable social interactions amongst students and faculty outside the classroom walls and in-between classes

a space that caters towards student and/or faculty who prefer independent time to catch up on assignments or relax

K12 Microsite_street space 2.jpg


Having to continually sit still and be quiet throughout the entire day, students need opportunities to stretch out and have "brain breaks". Hallways shouldn't simply be seen as empty walls to fill for the sake of filling - it should be seen as endless opportunities to accommodate for the students' needs. 


A street space that successfully satisfies both relaxation and excitement can improve student engagement and discourage stress and anxiety. Create a space that continues to inspire the students beyond the classroom walls.

K12 Microsite_street space.jpg


Whether you want to work together, come visit us or ideate the future of your learning spaces, we're all ears.